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Holly had priviledge of meeting our friend, Sue Damme, tonight.  Sue is a long time friend and a fellow golden retriever lover.  It was she who took three of us to a neighboring breeder and each of us left that day with a golden retriever puppy.  This was 15+ years ago and the start of my Boden’s legacy.  Sue brought home Lucy; Wendy brought home Betsy; and DeeAnn brought home River.  The four of us shared our puppy stories and would get them together periodically.  As time passed, so did they with Boden being the last to leave our earth.  Sue would often pet sit for Boden and Gracie, my cat.  Both Boden  & Gracie adored her and adopted her peaceful, tender manner when with her. 

Holly picked up with Sue where Boden left off.  It was tender for me to watch her with Sue and Sue with her as it reminded me of all the fine moments we shared with our former golden girls.  Sue lives on the east coast now.  Her visits are rare and time together is precious.  Holly won’t get to know her like Boden did, but you can bet that Sue will always be the tender, loving soul that she was with all our Golden pups.