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Other than the Super Bowl, it was a low key day.  Holly did get to meet our friends, Maria & Keith, who stopped by after church to meet her.  Holly was in prime form with her obsession with shoes, scarves and sweaters.   Maria & Keith have a young goldendoodle, Finn, who turned 1 year old the same day as Rainie’s birthday.  They understand puppies, which was a relief for me today as Holly dragged shoes, snagged scarves and drew blood on forearms.  Of course, as soon as they leave, Holly lays down and is this mellow angel that falls asleep.

DeeAnn has a tradition with her nephews and nieces of doing a playful game where the young niece/nephew sits on her lower legs and she rocks them to the tune of ‘wingy wingy’.  Today, Holly got iniitated to the game.  And she loved it, as evident by the picture!   I’m not able to rock a 14 lb dog on my lower leg so this is going to be a DeeAnn & Holly tradition only.  If Holly keeps growing at the rate she is, I don’t think DeeAnn will be able to do it much longer either!

Holly and I took a short walk in the neighborhood and stopped by our neighbors to drop off a small Valentine’s Day gift.  Holly was quite excited to walk into someone’s else porch and sit by a door that she had never before seen open.  My awesome snowblowing neighbor, John, opened the door and gave Holly a few hello’s which went over in a big way.

Temperatures were sub-zero all day.  Most outings were relatively short with a single focus of  ‘go potty’ before then heading back inside.

Holly wasn’t too interested in the Super Bowl, instead having her supper, some play time and a short nap before bedtime. That cleared my path for undivided time for  munchies & beverages during most of the game.  Hard to believe that football season is over.  Now to follow some March Madness college basketball then get into the best sport in the world – baseball!  There are signs that Holly is going to be a ball dog.  She does take interest in the frisbee, but she sure seems to love her tennis balls.  It won’t be too much longer and we will know!