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Holly had opportunity to meet my friend, Tess’, infamous doxie princess, Helen.  Similar to Rainie, Helen was not as enamored with Holly as Holly was with her.  They did have a short meet and greet with Helen deciding the cold shoulder approach was in her best interest.   Holly also had her initial encounter with my dear friend, Tess.  No cold shoulder there!  Tess loved up Holly with smiles and chatter and belly rubs.  This combo will be spending time together all throughout the year, especially during summer.  It’s going to be fun to capture and post the smiles throughout the moments.

It’s impossible for me to place an online order for routine cat/fish/dog items without including a new toy for the puppy!   What fascinates me is the awareness Holly has when there is a new toy in the mix of all the others.  She was fully absorbed with the new toy and all its bells and whistles, thoughts of me getting a new phone came to mind!   She maintains having a few favorite toys – the water bottle pocket, spike ball and blue rhino seem to be the top three out of the twenty plus options. She holds loyalties to her ‘go-to’s and yet is open and joyful to something different and new, a good practice to follow.