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Holly had a boost in morale today when I let her outside and her girlfriends from Lake Vermilion were in her very own backyard.  Everyone got their proper hello’s and then the games began.  Some had frisbees, some had Kong balls, some a soccer ball.  At one point I saw Holly sitting by her favorite cedar tree just watching the activity.  Her head was like a bobblehead as she followed the various motions and mannerisms. Then it was more than she could take and she bolted right into the middle of the action.  How special she felt to have the company of Matthew, Kayla, Anika, Nina, Julia, Maia and Cora.  I think it’s fair to say that Holly and I were sharing the same blissful feelings!

Holly has become quite the ball dog, bordering on obsessed.  It seems her thrill of having the kids toss the ball for her has morphed into the ball being a solid unit of happiness.  She lights up when she has it in her mouth.  When playing with the kids, that ball brought her a great deal of fun and happiness, and now the ball itself holds the joy on its own.  Rainie is all about Frisbee’s, while Holly is about balls.  That tends to work out well during playtime.

Diapering on/diapering off is becoming routine.  Holly is so good about it all.  She stops at the door and waits for the diaper drill.  Not to say our pattern is perfect. There have been occurrences when we are outside and I see her squatting to pee – but into a diaper.  While I am impressed on how absorbent a Depends brief is, Holly is confused as evident by her looking back and smelling for what should be on the ground, but is not.  And too there have been a few incidents inside the house where I see evidence on the floor of either an absence or a malfunctioning diaper.  For the most part, she & I have it worked out.  Day 7, about 14 to go.