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Saturday was a true Holly-Day for Holly.  Her day was filled with old and new friends, outside and inside time, playing with cousin Kooper, leash walks and free play, plus a car ride.   It couldn’t have been any fuller and she couldn’t have been any more tired at the end of the day.

Lana, Adam & Kooper brought a BBQ and backyard fun to Duluth, along with their friends Kris and Josh Glood, and daughter Anna.  It was a bit chilly (48 degrees F) but we were determined to have a true outdoor BBQ.  The dogs played near constantly sharing their time with Anna and adults.  Kooper explored the backyard while Holly tagged along relentlessly licking and nudging his face.  There was plenty of acrobatics and wrestling amongst them as well. Holly had one forced time out during the cornhole game.  She was quick at stealing the beanbags and had a knack for taking those that had point value.  She knew she had something special and the game delays were soon irritating so she was placed under supervision with leash control.

Holly engaged in her Holly Yoga maneuvers a few times in attempt to get the WOW factor and bring smiles from Anna, whose hesitancy told Holly she had to be entertaining and cute to earn the trust needed before play time would happen.  Her plan worked fabulously.  At the end of the evening when good-bye’s were being said, Anna & Holly were off on their own – Anna kneeling with her arms around Holly, Holly with her head nestled on Anna’s shoulder.   I wanted to rush to find my phone and get a picture, but I couldn’t bring myself to move and miss seeing the moment.

Before a delicious bbq meal, the whole clan, Kooper and Holly included, took a nostalgic campus tour of The College of St. Scholastica.  Four of us are alumni which provided plenty of conversation about classes, teachers, classrooms, the fun that was had and how much has changed in 20 years.  Holly wanted nothing to do with talking about the past.  She was all about what was ahead of her and how quickly she could get there to check it out.  We took turns handed her off to each other, sharing the fun.

Come bedtime, I had to escort Holly up the steps and periodically encourage her to keep going.  She would stop as if she was catching a second of shut-eye in between steps on the stairwell.  It was one of those nights that left her smiling in her sleep all night long.