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Today we were treated with a visit from the Wondolkowski’s – Georgette, Tom & their 17 year old springer spaniel, Paddington.   Paddie has been having some health struggles lately and Georgette and Tom thought it would be a good time for him to see his old friend, Helen, and meet a new friend, Holly.   There were sniffing exchanges and a few tail wags then Paddie was all business checking out the new backyard he was in.   Helen greeted everyone with some barks and plenty of tail wags for Georgette.   Helen recognizes each of the Sven Saw Sisters regardless of environment.  She made her way to the shade and laid in the cool green grass. Her visiting appeared to be over.   Hollly was excited at the opportunity to have another dog as a playmate but much to my relief (and delight), she recognized Paddie’s limitations and lowered her energy level accordingly.  They did some pawing at each other and shifted their weight as if to start a game of chase, then Paddie changed focus to the grass and new smells in the backyard with Holly following behind him, her tail wagging.

The three of us visited outside under the umbrella.  We shared many dog stories – easy to do with the number of dogs we’ve shared through our years of friendship.  It’s another benchmark to measure the longevity of just how long you’ve been friends.  My dogs – Bailee, Boden and Holly – have all known Georgette; and Georgette & Tom’s dogs – Kelly, Lacy and Paddington – have all known me.   Our memory of when something occurred is framed according to which dog we had at the time.  When you share time with each other and their dogs, you share life – and sharing life creates memories.   And our old boy, Paddington Wondolkowski has certainly been a part of a good many of them, having had time with each of Bailee, Boden & now Holly.