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And the song, from beginning to end, I found in the heart of a friend.

 New friendships are always a highlight and Holly scored big today!  Holly & I visited Deb & Steve today with Holly being about 5 pounds heavier and a couple inches taller than the last visit.   Apparently Holly and Tigger both remembered their last visit as they were both the first to greet each other.  I am just amazed at Tigger, of course my comparison is to that of Gracie.  They are night and day of each other.  Tigger laid down, rolled over and put his paws up and out towards Holly.  Holly reciprocated with nose bumps and tail pulls.  The two played for the first half of our visit, with Tigger taking a break and Holly stealing the show for the rest of the time.

Need to less to say, the three humans in the room were totally amused.  Somehow having your pets be friends, especially when they are unlikely friends, makes your own friendship all the more of a bond! 

Another good HollyDay!