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Holly and I both had a special day today because we were able to spend time with Tess!  As it turned out, Helen was with DeeAnn so Holly had  Tess’ undivided attention while she was here.  Holly was an opportunistic and enjoyed every single second.  There was couch time, belly rubs, toy tugging, sock stealing and some serious discussions about sharp teeth and bareskin. And plenty of smiles and laughter.

Later in the day DeeAnn, Rainie & Helen were over which meant having outdoor fun and games of chase in the melting snow.  Inside, things got a bit more serious and studious.   DeeAnn orchestrated a pop quiz on a Friday school night.  Rainie was an A+ student, Holly was a B+ Intern.  Helen was a drop out.  There will be more quizzes, not to worry!

I recall having concerns on whether I could keep a puppy busy enough to be tired at night.   Tonight, I was doing my usual routine of checking doors, filling the coffee pot, feeding Pinkerton, etc, when I heard Holly whimpering. This was not coming from the backdoor (meaning potty time) but instead coming from the upstairs bedroom. Holly wanted to go to sleep and needed a boost into bed.  She was darn cute with her front paws on the bed, eyes looking at me asking for a boost.  But there was more there than cuteness.  She asked, believing I would understand.  Likely as time goes by and she whimpers, woofs, barks, paws and/or scratches with a desire, I won’t find this breakthrough ability nearly quite as special, maybe even irritating.  But for tonight, it’s a warm fuzzy moment to have my furry friend realize she can ask me for my help and there is a good chance I will understand, and that I will help her.