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Now that Thanksgiving has passed, all attention goes towards Christmas!  I’m not a big holiday decorater.  I fell out of the habit after my cat at the time, Glory, tipped the tree over, despite it being tied to the wall. After Glory came Gracie and for those that know her, you understand why a tree in the house would not be a good idea.  Then add Holly to pound the point home even more. I do have some decor however, including some attire which Holly & Helen are so proud to model for you!  Despite the minimal decorating, the house feels festive and cozy.  Holly & Helen think of it more as a photo studio.

With the cooler weather creeping in, I have had to dig out the dog jackets, hats and boots.  Holly is fairly well set.  Helen needed to increase her wardrobe.  DeeAnn has made certain Helen has a hand knitted sweater (Thank you Irene) and now she also has new boots!  The first pair were returned, Helen hated them and I think they may have been too restrictive on her front foot – the one that tends to curve out and sit at a goofy angle. DeeAnn & I came across a soft side set tonight at Super One of all places.  After standing motionless for a few minutes, Helen began to move slowly and cautiously.  Holly thought the dog booties were hilarious and taunted Helen endlesssly.  Helen starting walking, occasionally running – boots and all – just to get some separation from Holly.  My scolding towards Holly did nothing to slow her relentless teasing of Helen so I dug out a set of Holly’s dog booties and suited her up, all four feet.  It was game over for Holly.  She now was the one standing motionless and giving me the stink eye.  By now Helen has gained confidence and comfort with her new attire and is walking past Holly, even running at times just to give Holly an extra poke in the ego.  Holly finally waddled across the room to me, burying head in my chest.  I’m not sure if she was saying I’m Sorry or Help Me.   Holly  has trouble with the transition of having a routine house (just Helen, Gracie & I around) to having company in the house.  She goes ballistic for awhile.  I’m tempted to put her booties on when people are coming over and see if she presents herself in a calmer fashion.   After all, she is almost two years old!!