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Each and every day there are memories of Dar but February 26th provides a benchmark to pay special tribute.  This February was her 1-year death anniversary.   Lana, Adam, DeeAnn, Kooper, Rainie, Gracie, Pinkerton, Holly & I celebrated and honored Dar by gathering to share time and dinner.  Dar’s go-to meal for any special event was Chinese, so that was ours as well.   Dar wasn’t one to jump into any conversation, but she enjoyed listening to them.  She certainly had plenty to listen to today as we chatted and shared during our Chinese dinner.  And no doubt she was smiling and shaking her head watching Kooper, Rainie & Holly play together in all sorts of combinations with a wide assortment of toys.  Kooper and Holly had met each other when she was just over 8 weeks old and a little over 7 pounds.  It was a controlled introduction and encounter.  Today, a 20 pound, confident and athletic Holly held her own with the bigger, stronger and very gentle Kooper.  It was tender to watch them interact and play – and now Holly has the luxury of having two idols in her world, Rainie & Kooper.  I can see the grin on Dar’s face every time any one of us called out ‘Holly Dolly’ smile or Kooper Dash! 

Earlier in the day, Marcia, stopped by to meet Holly.  Marcia has provided amazing therapy services to both of my prior Golden’s – Bailee and Boden.  I know the day will come where her visits to see Holly will be on a professional basis, not just personal.   We both got a chuckle when Holly instantly went for Marcia’s boot and dragged it into the living room.  Marcia’s comment was priceless – “Looks like Boden is joining us today too.”

It was a day of remembering and accepting the new ways loved ones from the past present themselves in our world today.