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Spring has been late in coming this year but this is not to mean spring work goes undone.

The trees in my yard had their annual trimming.  These are the times I miss my old Honda Element.  I would fill the back to the top with branches saving a little spot for Boden to sit.  With the amount of trimming I did this year and the space that Ruby allows,  I knew I had to explore other options for getting the branches to the landfill.   End result was a U-Haul truck rental which also provided opportunity for Holly’s first ride in a truck!   She wasn’t too sure about getting into a different vehicle but with encouragement did put her feet up so I could give her a boost.  Once in, she quivered as she sat on the seat.  I’m not sure if she was scared, cautious or excited.  I tethered her to the head rest which didn’t bother her at all.  Once on the road, her quivering stopped but her wide-eyed look did not.  She watched me load the branches in the truck, then again unload the branches from the truck.  I expecting some barking or fussing about either wanting to get out of the truck or wanting me to toss her a branch or two – but there was none of that.  Just sitting still and watching the whole thing unfold like she was in a movie theatre watching a very intense moment of an action packed flick.  After the truck had been unloaded and we had stopped by DeeAnn’s house for a photo shoot, Holly seemed to relax.  She nestled up against me and looked straight ahead sensing we were on the home stretch of the adventure.  Our entire trip took less than two hours.  When we were home and settled, Holly took a three hour nap.

Adding to the Memorial Day week-end was Holly’s second trip to the cabin, this time for the annual dock & pontoon day.  The weather dampened the event, literally.  The rain was nearly non-stop and it had been since early morning.  Mission was accomplished because the dock & pontoon did get set up and secured.  We’ve had many more pleasant times doing so but for Holly it was the greatest time ever.  She boldly walked on the dock, once too bold when nearly walking from a section that was fully boarded to one that was not yet done.  She played with sticks and mores sticks.  She stepped onto the pontoon deck and back off again.  She ran through water puddles.  She did giraffe-like stretches with her neck to reach sticks in the lake.  She would back up out of the water faster than she would walk forward into it.  But what she didn’t do was swim.  Maybe she’s saving that for a nicer day.