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The day started out rather low for Holly but picked up steam in the end.  Yesterday I had my second COVID booster shot so today was a lay-low, feeling punky sort of day, plus the weather was chilly and ground was icy.  No walks, no fun play in the backyard, not with me anyway. 

Saving Holly’s day was DeeAnn & Rainie.  All of Holly’s fun was packed into the late afternoon.  Rainie & her played and played and played, both inside and out.  Holly is nearly eyeball to eyeball with Rainie now but her lanky, clumsy body cannot keep up with Rainie’s agility.   DeeAnn threw the frisbee for Rainie, which means Holly gets a good run in as well, back and forth following her idol as Rainie runs and returns the frisbee to DeeAnn.

Highlight of the day came after supper when DeeAnn was doing her routine check-up of Holly’s ears, nose and mouth.  “Oh My God”, I hear.  “She has her big dog teeth!”   In a flash, Holly was on her back and we were executing a dental hygienist check up.  Sure enough, the two front teeth are obviously bigger and of more solid structure than the other little pins in her mouth.  I’ve not found any teeth in the house but there is chance she swallowed them or they are in a snowback outside.  She loves chewing on  snow and icicles. 

Tomorrow Holly will be 4 months old.  She has her big girl teeth to use when she chews her big girl treat – the one the tooth fairy leaves provided Gracie allows!