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Today the porch was painted successfully, meaning no major incident due to puppy curiosity or craziness.  Holly did steal my stir stick but I was able to get it back relatively quickly.  Prior to painting the porch, DeeAnn helped me wrap burlap around the large cedar tree in the backyard.  Holly has been practicing a grab-and-go manuever that has stripped slivers of the bark from tree trunk.  According to my reading, trees heal on their own in time if the damage is not too significant. Time will tell if my gentle, kind and happy Holly is a tree killer.

After working in the yard, it was a great day to visit a local brewery – Ursa Minor.  They have an outdoor patio and are a dog friendly business.  I was reluctant to take Holly, wondering what could possibly be relaxing about taking Holly to a brewery!  DeeAnn was persistent and rewarded when in the very back there was a spot in the shade and near the cool grass.  We all made our way there.  I have to admit Holly was quite good.  She did try to grab a few receipts scattered on the ground and took liking to the loose rocks paving the patio. For the most part she sat and watched people and other dogs who were sitting quietly with their people. It was exhausting work for both of us – she is laying on the floor, sound asleep with feet, lips and nose twitching.  And my head keeps nodding downward only to find another ten minutes has passed before I pick it back up again!