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Yesterday Holly & I both had the treat of visiting with my nephew, Jason, and his son, Justin (8th grade).  They stopped by my house and had their dog, Daisy, a small shih tzu, with them.  Holly was her rowdy overwhelming self and Daisy was not shy about telling her in convincing fashion that she did not want anything to do with her.  Daisy tucked herself behind her hero, Justin, and stayed still the whole time.  Holly tried twice and was rejected both times.  I was pleased to see Holly back off and let it go.  It was her first failed attempt at a friendship, not counting Gracie who is still on the fence about it all.  I guess I was the distracted one because I didn’t think to get a picture of Holly, Justin & Jason.

March temperatures and wind chills have been bitter lately so I thought it would warrant Holly wear one of her cute jackets.  She has outgrown the first one and has handed that over to Helen for her use.  The others are hand me downs from either Boden, River or Kooper.   She’s in that ‘in-between’ size!  None of the stored jackets provide a functional fit, though they do provide some cute photo shots!  She’ll be well set for next winter!

Holly had her next round of puppy shots plus rabies and lymes.  Dr. Lisa & Abbie presented Holly with a popsicle stick holding a spread of soft cheese.  She was equally excited about the popsicle stick as she was about the cheese spread.  And as she enjoyed her treat, she received a full set of vaccinations.  She weighed in at 24 pounds.  A healthy weight and a healthy puppy.

Holly and I have been taking daily walks, sometimes around neighborhood and other times we hop in the car and go to the cemetery.  Car rides are becoming a favorite for her.  If she sees me heading towards the garage she races to join me, no time to eat snow chunks or dig up pinecones.  I still have to lift her in & out of the back seat and may have to for awhile – the Ford Escape has a high seat plus I have the umbrella style covering the floor and seat.

We have established an evening routine – eat, rest, play, outside, walk, inside play, rest, snack, bedtime.  Holly has also taken interest in the television especially in basketball.  I can’t tell if she is following the path of the ball or a player but her eyes and head are intently covering the court.  I’ve even had to wipe nose prints off the screen.

It’s nice to have a routine established and a fairly predictable pattern with Holly.  Spring weather is going to change all of that, perhaps as soon as next week!  Holly in slush and mud is going to be interesting.  I’m as ready as I can get – I carried up a short stack of towels and have them stored by the door!  I’ve wiped Holly’s paws off a few times but wiping pretend snow and mud doesn’t trigger the same reaction, from her or me!  I’m in no hurry and she doesn’t know any a thing about spring.  Puppies teach patience.