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The girls waited for Valentine’s Day to start showing each other some attention!  Both sets of friends – Rainie & Holly and Gracie & Holly.

Rainie & Holly had moments of playing, in each of their own terms.  Rainie is a bit too overpowering with her feet which puts Holly into a confused and reluctant state; and Holly still thinks pulling tails and biting on paws is great fun, which sends Rainie into an irritated and reluctant state.  Nonetheless, progress.

Gracie has decided to quit being a spectator and take her routines back.  She has shown she wants to have some laptime with me so we are figuring out how to do that, even if it means Holly being tethered to the couch for awhile.  Gracie takes advantage of Holly’s naptimes as well which gives us time to play or snuggle.

Holly had her first ‘home alone’ kennel experience today and faired pretty well. It was about two hours long, just enough time for DeeAnn and I to enjoy a meal at the Duluth Grill.  When I returned, she watched me approach , relaxed and not stressed when I zipped it open.  She has had diarrhea ever since though so it’s hard to know if she felt the added stress, is having some puppy GI issues or ate a few too many pinecones.

Overall, a very nice Valentine’s Day for Miss Holly.  I do feel bad that she has the intestinal issue.  Hopefully resolved tomorrow.