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Once again Holly has had a busy couple days filled with plenty of fun and friends.  Friday was a day at the cabin.  Holly kept close to Rainie and they both did well with staying in the yard.   Holly has a long thin line hooked to her collar which gives us piece of mind should she get out of our reach.  She was only tangled a couple of times, which amazed me, but apparently the lightweight cord minimizes  the chance of tight tangles.  She is doing so well with listening and obeying when at the cabin. There’s more challenges to come but so far, so good – so very very good!  Holly is not swimming yet, but she’s getting close!  She will go in until it reaches her chest then stretch out as far as her neck will go.  She stares at Rainie with deep adoration when Rainie keeps going past her, staying afloat on the water and going further out into what looks so dark and scary. 

Saturday was the Walk for Animals Animal Allies Fundraiser.  Lana, Kooper, Steve and I went to Bayfront Park for the event. Holly did not go down to the festivities but did have fun going through the bag of goodies we brought home.  Her fun came after when DeeAnn, Rainie, Lana and Kooper all gathered in her yard for a long stretch of nonstop play.   Thanks to the vendors at the Animal Allies walk, they each had neck scarfs to show off, treats to eat, new tennis balls, new frisbees and a good supply of poop bags. And Lana & I had new t shirts!  Next year, Holly will be there also – that’s the goal!