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It’s been a full week of company and birthday celebrations – Helen turned 11 on March 7!   Holly loves birthday parties, makes no difference whose it might be.  It took Helen awhile but she eventually realized the commotion and encouragement was directed towards her.  She ripped and Holly made sure the wrapping paper was not going anywhere.  Kooper and Lana were there for her morning party – Helen getting a new sterling silver dog tag (Thank you Lana).  Helen loves her bling! And DeeAnn, Keltie & Rainie were there for an afternoon party – a new bright orange toy (that floats in the water, thank you DeeAnn!) and more treats!  Noone seems to believe that she is eleven but we have a date photograph from Ely as proof!  Rainie & Helen were both puppies during our stay at Wolf Lake cabin in Ely in early June 2013. It’s a priceless picture with Tess & Helen and DeeAnn, River & Rainie, each being with their prized companions.

We’ve had continued weather that has been incredible for running the dogs at the Field and/or long walks at the cemetery.  Beautiful weather means wet, muddy ground.  DeeAnn & I opted to bath Keltie and Holly at PetSmart instead of our basements, hoping for a more back-friendly environment.   There was only one stall left so DeeAnn took Keltie in first while Holly & I watched Keltie get bathed from the window.  The store is busy on a Sunday morning.  Keltie’s stall did not have a functioning air hose dryer but the lady in the next offered hers to DeeAnn.  As only what could happen to DeeAnn, did – she lost her grip on the high powered dryer hose and it went swirling around the salon like a wild beastly Cobra snake!  Dog hair was flying through the air because of the cyclone happening and DeeAnn was grasping at air trying to capture the hose, but missing.  I truly don’t know how the situation resolved itself because I was at the observation window trying to watch through the tears in my eyes from laughing so hysterically! Somehow Deeann regained control of the hose and resumed blow drying Keltie.  I think the lady reached over and shut the power down and the hose fell limp to the floor, followed by the dog hair that floated back down to groundlevel.

Holly and I entered once DeeAnn and Keltie were done.  Holly did well, a bit squirmish at the start and did not like the ramp leading up to the shower stall at all.  Once the warm water started pouring over her, she relaxed a bit; and once I started massaging the shampoo in, she relaxed even more.  The blow dryer was not a favorite of hers.  Maybe she saw the hose whipping around the room and didn’t want to be a part of that experience.  She wasn’t the only one – you can bet I had a tight grip on that dryer hose!  Somethings are only funny when you are the one watching!