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“Can we start the weekend over again, I wasn’t ready!”

Retirement changes weekends.  Or maybe I am the only one who felt that way.  And now I find that puppies change weekends too!   

Our Saturday began with snow. Holly ran and romped through the fresh snow and would pop her head up peridically, her eyes looking past the snow on her snout.  I saw her snap at snowflakes a few times but there was far greater reward in digging for pinecones.  Watching her made my shoveling go by quickly. 

Holly is indifferent about car rides.  She doesn’t show any signs of discomfort or panic, but nor does she show any excuberance either.  We took a trip across town to DeeAnn’s house.  DeeAnn’s sisters, Mary & Carlotta, were in town so Holly had the great fun of meeting them and enjoying what I always do –  time with the three Trotta sisters!   There were puppy toys waiting for Holly and she was able to see some of Rainie’s toybox.  (Rainie is DeeAnn’s border collie.)

Later Saturday, Holly & I had the great fun of visiting with Ric, Karen & Scarlett at my house.  Holly gave each of them some generous tail wagging but it was Scarlett that sent little Holly’s body wiggling and squirming beyond control.  At Pride of The North Golden Retrievers, she was helped raised and loved by the breeders daughters.  I do believe Holly will carry a special love for young ladies throughout her life!

Saturday evening, DeeAnn & Rainie came over to the house for supper & Olympics.  Rainie is 9 years old and a gentle girl but not quite ready for puppy playfulness, no matter how hard Holly tries to convince her otherwise.  Holly is making greater progress with Rainie than with my cat, Gracie.  Gracie has been successful in establishing a personal space boundary of about 3 feet that Holly fully respects.  While I know Rainie will likely be playing with Holly sometime soon, I also know that Gracie won’t be. 

On Sunday, Holly & I took a drive to visit Deb & Steve.  Holly is learning to take each relationship for what it is and accept the differences.  While at home, she adheres to the 3 ft personal space Gracie rule but at Deb & Steve’s their cat, Tigger, runs to greet her at the door and will lay down, stretching out paws inviting her to play.  Holly took it a little too far once and did a belly flop on top of Tigger.  I’m sure when Holly played with her nine siblings they were flopping, plopping and dropping on top of each other for fun.  Tigger gently got the message across that he didn’t find that fun. They gently played or just hung out next to each other while Deb, Steve & I visited. 

Deb & Steve’s daughter in law, Renee, had a photo cut-out made of Holly.  She sent it to them to deliver to me.  It is such a unique photo gift, and will be forever cherished.  These puppy months go by fast and it is so nice to capture them with such creativity and uniqueness.  The photo mount is on my fireplace mantel sitting in front of the Minnesota map  (my brother, Lanny, made this using the barn wood from the Brown homestead garage in Barnum),  Dar’s loon from her collection and Boden’s memorial candle from Lanny & Mary.  It is tying together a span of 60 years sitting there! 

Holly is sound asleep.  A deep, contented sleep.  I’m soon about to do the same.