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Holly is back to having full scale fun with as much running, jumping and twisting & turning as she desires.  It’s hard to believe she was limited in doing so for three weeks.  She seems to have escaped any permanent trauma!  

She & I have done some snowshoeing, both are loving it.  I keep her on a long line yet.  I don’t fully trust her recall and I don’t trust my physical stamina to chase her down if she goes exploring rabbit holes.   Today we went to Lester Park Golf Course, my old stomping grounds with Baillee.  She did absolutely awesome.  If she felt herself at the end of the leash, she stopped and looked back at me until there was slack in the line – this is something that does not happen when taking a traditional walk with a flexi-lead.  We saw a few dogs today, which she had interest in seeing but not in visiting.  She is very quiet and cautious with strange dogs.  One cedar colored golden retriever came over to visit her and Holly did her stop, drop and play dead maneuver.  The dog sniffed her a few times and took off to catch up with her skiing owners.  It’s still January, I ‘m hoping to get her out snowshoeing more this winter.  Bonus trip will be with Lana & Kooper!  

Holly and Keltie have had a few play dates since Holly has reached physical freedom again.  They explode into the backyard and play games of chase, tug, dodge and keep away.  There are other games too but DeeAnn & I don’t fully understand the rules.  All of the games are played in high gear and non-stop.   When we do bring them inside, it takes a few minutes of our nagging and reminding them – inside time, settle, no play, etc.  

Holly is respecting the cedar bough fencing quite well.  She hasn’t tried jumping over any of the fenceline since being lined with the boughs.  She does disassemble them at times, dragging a branch or two into the middle of the yard for a good stick-breaking session. Clean up comes in the spring, no need for me to worry about it now.

Soon it will be Holly’s one year anniversary of being ‘Home’.   I look back and wonder why I struggled with the decision of getting a puppy.  She has brought me purpose, companionship, exercise, laughter, pride and joy.  It has been work but with the listed pay-off’s, I’d say the rewards have been more than adequate.  

Let’s see how things go with a two year old!