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Today was a recovery day after the full day of fun yesterday.  Holly woke up her usual happy self – pottied and had breakfast – then took about a two hour nap.   She was a bit hungover from yesterday’s happiness.

By afternoon she was closer to full form again.  I gave her a bath in the downstairs shower and that seemed to wash all the sleepiness away as well.  She came out from that in high gear and doing zoomies throughout the whole house.  Indoor zoomies are allowed after a bath and when the backyard is wet and muddy. 

It is Sunday and Sunday’s have started to carry tradition of a pup cup.  It made my day when I saw they are using a smaller size cup for the pup cups.  Prior it had been a full size cup filled half way with whip cream.  For a golden retriever snout, this presents a challenge that ends with a messy car.  

What really made my day though was watching Holly entertain herself with my empty yogurt cup.   She flipped, flopped, spun, tossed and did some version of a happy dance around the palm size empty cup for a solid twenty minutes.  When she first got it in her mouth, she was dodging me thinking that I would take it away from her.  She has nothing to worry about – those cups are cost effective and readily available baby-sitters.  I’ll be getting my fill of yogurt.